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Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil Fleet Services

We provide high qualiy, low sulpher, home heating oil delivery to the Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Loudoun, and Prince William counties of Virginia as well as other parts of Northern Virginia.  Please call 540-364-1591 for more information or to set your account up today.

We have two automatic delivery plans and a call-in. Our first is called a "degree day." For each degree that the temperature is below 65, this is a "degree day." The colder the day, the more oil used. For example, based on the size of the tank, a home can go 1,000 degree days before needing filled. The other automatic delivery system is called "Julian Day." This is where the customer picks a day or a set time, such as every 90 days, every fifth of the month, etc., when their tank will be filled. There is also the option of calling to order more oil when you are out.

We also provide budget plans - please inquire for more information.

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