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Product FAQ's:

1. How do I know if my heating oil tank is empty?
Take a yard stick, or a long, thin stick, insert it in the tank, then measure the inches of oil left on the stick. The amount of oil depends on the size of the tank and the number of inches in it. There are sticks available from us to make this easier. Not all tanks can be stuck, however, if the tank is under the residence, call us to fill it. Some tanks also have gauges on them.

2. How much oil can I burn in a month?
Gallon usage depends on a lot of factors, including the age of the home and how warm the home is kept.

3. Is there a difference between fuel oil and diesel?
There is no difference between fuel (heating) oil and off road diesel. However, road diesel has lower sulfur and is clear. Heating Oil and off road are dyed.

4. Can I used dyed kerosene in a portable kerosene heater?
Using dyed kerosene in a portable heater is not recommended by the manufacturer, it is not good for the heater.

Company FAQ's:

1. How can I order more oil?
Call us at 540-364-1591 for information on when we can send a truck to you. If it is an emergency, and your tank is empty, we will send a truck as soon as possible, including after hours for an extra charge.

2. How can I get an application to become a new customer?
You can e-mail us at or call us at 540.364.1591 or simply click the link above to apply online.

3. Does Morgan Oil have a budget plan?
Yes, the plan starts in June and runs 12 months. It is based on prior usage or an estimate and a projected price.

4. Are credit cards accepted at Morgan Oil?
Yes, we accept any major credit card including those pictured below.

5. Does Morgan Oil have automatic deliveries?
We have two automatic delivery plans and a call-in. Our first is called a "degree day." For each degree that the temperature is below 65, this is a "degree day." The colder the day, the more oil used. For example, based on the size of the tank, a home can go 1,000 degree days before needing filled. The other automatic delivery system is called "Julian Day." This is where the customer picks a day or a set time, such as every 90 days, every fifth of the month, etc., when their tank will be filled. There is also the option of calling to order more oil when you are out. 

General FAQ's:

1. What major sources of energy are there in the United States?
The largest source of energy in the United States is petroleum, which includes oil and natural gas.

2. What is "crude oil?"
"Crude Oil" is the term used for oil that is still in the ground, which will later be refined.

3. Where does the oil we use come from?
Around half of the oil that we use in the United States is produced here. The rest is imported from the Middle East and Africa.

4. Does the oil industry try to protect the environment?
Yes, the oil industry has created six cleaner burning fuels to help reduce smog and protect children's health. They have also worked with the automobile industry to reduce car pollution, made ships safer, refineries cleaner, improved storage tanks and ask people to recycle motor oil.

5. Is Oil Heat efficient?
Oil heat is, on average, 16% more efficient than gas. Basically, oil gives you more heat for less money.

6. Is heating oil safe?
Yes, heating oil is safe for your home or business. Here's a little known fact for you; heating oil at room temperature can extinguish a flame as quickly as water. Please don't try this at home, however.

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