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About Us

Home Heating Oil Fleet Services

Charles "Pat" Morgan

First Truck
1941 Diamond T

First Tanks
2- 4,000 gallon Gasoline
1- 5,000 gallon Kerosene
2- 15,000 gallon Fuel Oil

First Location
The Plains, VA

First Employee
John R. Thompson

First Account
Foxcroft School

Price Per Gallon
9 cents for Heating Oil (1947)
11 cents for Kerosene

They picked up fuel in Baltimore, MD. In those days it was an 8 hour drive round trip. They also picked up fuel in Fredricksburg, VA. The fuel was transported up the Rappahannock River by barge.

April 15, 1949
Tom B. Carter came to work at Morgan Oil
Tom "Semi" retired in 1992 with over 43 years of service.
Quote from Tom, "Mr. Morgan treated you more than fair."

Went into Heating and Air-Conditioning Business which helped out in the slow summer months.

Moved to 8343 West Main Street, Marshall, VA (Old Beatty Brothers Garage)

Early 1960's
First major heating & a/c installation at President John F. Kennedy's home on Rattlesnake Mountain, outside of Middleburg, VA

Because of a gas shortage, prices rise and customers worry about supply.

Molly Morgan starts working for her Dad.

Morgan Oil starts selling Diesel Fuel to William A. Hazel Inc.

We lost our founder, Charles "Pat" Morgan, to cancer.

Molly Morgan buys business from Father's estate.

Morgan Oil buys 3 International Delivery Trucks.

Morgan Oil buys new 9,200 gallon trailer and new International Tractor.

New fleet of service and delivery trucks.

Plans underway to move to new location on Whiting Road, Marshall, VA.

Morgan Oil moves to it's new location.

If asked how Morgan Oil has stayed in business for over 50 years, we would say our wonderful employees, and our faithful customers. Because of them, Morgan Oil has been able to give back to our community with donations to the Fire Companies, Rescue Squads, and other area causes. We have also been able to help some of the needy in our area with donations and labor volunteered by our employees. It is a privilege to serve this beautiful part of Virginia, God has certainly blessed us!

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